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We wanted to remind our residents that we have elderly on fixed incomes who may experience difficulties during the current snow storm and the bitter cold days that are predicted to follow.   If you have an elderly relative, friend, neighbor, or know of someone who may be physically handicapped, recovering from surgery or an injury,  or has difficulty walking without assistance- please make check on that person at least once or twice a  day to be certain they are safe.

Supervisor Robert Teel has donated blankets to the township for our residents in need  and these blankets are available free of charge for Senior Citizens and others who are in need of additional warmth and comfort. 

If your child or a friend’s child is in a desperate situation where a blanket will keep them warm please contact our township secretary, Melissa Mastrogiovanni at 1-570-897-6127  ex 2 or Rick Fisher at 1-570-897-6127  ext 5  and we will make arrangements to get a blanket to those in need. 

 If Friday’s cold weather and wind knocks out power and anyone needs a warm place to stay due to a possible emerging situation such as heat being out, the Fire Department has offered to open up their building for warmth and a place to stay. 

The Mount Bethel Fire Department building should only be used if there is a critical need. If it is an immediate emergency, please dial 911, if it is not an immediate emergency but a warm place to stay is needed call Supervisor John Bermingham Jr. at 602-703-3717 and he will help you and your family get to the Fire Department or find you another place to stay. 

Try to keep off the roads this evening if you can. Our Road Crew has been working at clearing the roads since 7 a.m. this morning.  We will be sending them home to rest later this evening.  They will be back on  the road early tomorrow morning.   Some roads may drift shut due to the high winds and blowing snow.   Please be careful and if at all possible – stay home.

Stay safe and remember to keep a watch on those in your neighborhood who may be in need of assistance.

Here are some helpful links for our Senior Citizens below. The most comprehensive of these sites is from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and is found at this location:

Here are more links courtesy of the Northampton County  Department of Human Services

Pennsylvania Department of Aging

Pennsylvania Department of Revenue Property Tax / Rent Rebate form

Alzheimers Association

Lehigh-Northampton LINK

Pennsylvania Department of Human Services Personal Care Home Directory

United Way Alliance on Aging

LANTA: Lehigh and Northampton Transportation Authority
(610) 776-7433

Senior Law Helpline: Pennsylvania SeniorLAW Helpline « SeniorLAW Center
1-877-PA SR LAW (1-877-727-7529)

Happy New Year,

Upper MOnt Bethel Township

Brutal Cold Weather and Our Seniors- Keeping a Watch