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General Info – Frequently Asked Questions

Does UMBT have an Animal Control Officer?
Not at this time.
In what school district is Upper Mount Bethel Township?
The township is served by the Bangor Area School District and is the home to Bangor Area High School.

How do I contact Northampton County Assessment Office?
Call Northampton County Government Center at 610-559-3140

How do I dispose of paint, old kerosene, and pesticides?
Check the State Web site www.dep.state.pa.us

How do I dispose of used tires?

For a small fee per tire, Upper Mount Bethel Township will accept rimless tires.  Stop by our office during normal business hours and we will accept your tires.   The cost per tire helps us to cover our transport costs for transferring  the tires to a recycling facility.

How do I dispose of electronics?
The PA DEP is advising consumers and businesses of new rules for recycling electronic devices which took effect January 24, 2013. Enacted in 2010, the Pennsylvania Covered Device Recycling Act prohibits the disposal of covered devices (such as computers, laptops, monitors and televisions) with residential trash.


More information on the recycling act is available at www.dep.state.pa.us, keyword: Electronics Recycling.

An eCycling facility is located in the Borough of Walnutport:
Advance Green Solutions
40 3rd Street
Walntuport, PA 18088
Phone: 610-767-2577

How Do I Report a Stree Light Outage?
You can report a streetlight problem with the Met-Ed Region HERE.