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Manager’s Corner Issue No. 2

 Last issue we focused on the Act 537 Plan.   Today I thought it was time for an update  on our Community Park

So there was some Diner Talk last week about the new pavilion  at the park.   The talk is we put it in the wrong location.   

Can you find the pavilion on this Master Plan?   The only thing that is still where it was originally located are the barns.  And now that I look at it closely, I’m not too sure about the barn either.   I added the color notes to assist residents with the plan.

Fig.1: Master Plan; Drawing 4, March 10, 2005 Colored notes added by manager today


The original plan has the barn too close to the property line  and proposed basketball and tennis courts are shown where the playground  is now constructed.   The ballfield proposed for the  lower right corner of the park was removed from later plans because it was within 300 feet of a possible blue spotted salamander habitat.   A deck was installed at the edge of the wetland in 2012- not on the Master Plan.  We wont talk about the baseball field being located in the wrong direction.  That’s a personal opinion.  

A Master Plan is a guide to development, it is not written into stone.   Changes are a natural condition of growth at a park.  The Master Plan did not address  bathrooms, sewage systems,  or electrical systems.  The Park Committee’s position is that we must include infrastructure in our planning as we move forward with improvements at the park.



Fig. 2: Partial of E&S Plan for pavilion. Yes, there is a second, smaller pavilion proposed on the E&S Plan. No date on when construction will begin on the second pavilion.

The original location for the pavilion was next to the barn where we now watch movies on movie night.  The Park Committee voted to move it to a location where it would be closer to the playground , more centrally located to all sports fields, and not be at a lower grade next to the barn, where we already have events planned.  That way, should someone want to use the pavilion for a family event,  and there is a park event planned, both can happen at the same time.                            

There is a handicap accessible sidewalk that ends at the top of the playground at the fence. We will extend that sidewalk to the pavilion, creating a handicap accessible concrete walk directly to the pavilion from the playground.   We are adding a utility room and extending power to control panel.  We are planning on soils testing to locate a sewage system site for future bathrooms at the park. Eventually, we will have a kitchen located inside the pavilion.

More importantly, the pavilion is easily accessible from the playground, the soccer fields, and the future basketball and tennis courts,  and you can view a baseball game from that location too.  And the view is amazing. 

So the Diner Talk was right.  We found an absolutely perfect new location for the pavilion.  And we know you’re going to love it as much as we do.     

Fig.3: 30 x 70 Pavilion under Construction; December 17, 2018

Due to consistent heavy rain over the past two months we’ve postponed the construction of basketball, volleyball, and badminton courts until the spring.   At that time we will be extending the nature trail and are now exploring the possibility of a major expansion of the trail around the park

We are looking for gardeners next spring to help clear off the  gardens of the weeds and reestablish the garden for future generations to enjoy,   If we don’t find a group that will help maintain it,  we may have to remove it and plant grass.  Contact us if you want to help .

Thank you.   

Rick Fisher, Manager