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Hi everyone: This year Upper Mount Bethel Township and Portland Borough agreed on a Police Study to determine if we are able to establish a Regional Police Force. Upper Mount Bethel is also speaking to the Slate Belt Regional Police to see if we might be able to have Slate Belt Regional Police provide service. Nevertheless, this will take time to analyze and study without raising taxes. In the meantime, for 2018, I would like to see who has interest in establishing the “Upper Mount Bethel Township Neighborhood Watch Program.” This Program would put together a Township wide effort where neighbors would look out for other neighbors and be the eyes and ears of potential and actual criminal activity taking place. We will come together as a community to support our neighbors, our children and our elderly population. We will have township citizens assigned to check on homes, help vulnerable citizens and work with the Pennsylvania State Police who currently provide coverage. Additionally, this Program will offer fire prevention and first aid training, a beautification clean-up of the Township where needed,  and educational classes for those who want to understand how to reduce criminal activity. Our Township is safe but can be made safer. I believe this will make Upper Mount Bethel Township stand out as a place to live where we are one in keeping each other safe. I look forward to see who of you is interested in being a part of this! 

If you are interested in helping us create a neighborhood watch come to our First Neighborhood Watch Program Meeting on March 14th at 7pm at the Township Building.  Invitations will be mailed out to every household in the Township the week of February 26th, so please look for yours in the mail.  The State Police will be there as well as our local firefighters.  This will be the beginning to a great program on how neighbors can support neighbors!
Best regards,


John A. Bermingham, Jr.

Chairman, Board of Supervisors

Upper Mount Bethel Township





John Bermingham  Jr., Chairman

Upper Mount Bethel Township  Board of Supervisors.

Neighborhood Watch Meeting on March 14th