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Township Manager Requirements


Definition -The Township Manager is responsible for directing the day-to-day conduct of township business and for carrying out the policies of the board of supervisors. The employee is responsible for maintaining township financial records, preparing financial reports, paying financial obligations, and keeping supervisors informed of the township’s financial condition. Work involves daily contact with citizens to insure that their problems and concerns are appropriately addressed and the proper officials are notified, and when necessary, assigns and directs the work of other township employees in providing these services.

Work is reviewed by the supervisors through periodic written and oral reports and by outside audit of financial records.


Directs the provision of township services such as road maintenance, utilities, recreation facilities, park improvements and management, building improvements; and; maintenance, management and improvements of all township owned properties, management of Township owned preserved lands, protection of the public health, safety, and welfare.

Directs and supervises the work of other township employees. Hires,suspends, and discharges employees subject to approval by the Board of Supervisors and in accordance with applicable laws.

Assists citizens by informing them of township rules and laws, explaining procedures, hearing complaints and either resolving them or referring them to the responsible official.

Assists the Board Chairman with preparing the agenda for Supervisors meeting and attends meetings to provide information,guidance, and recommendations

Conducts research on other municipal programs, ordinances, fees, planning, etc. for use by supervisors in making decisions.

Receives revenue from tax collections, permit fees, fines and utility payments and keeps an accurate and current accounting of all revenues received.

Directs the recording and deposit of funds in proper accounts. Manages investment of unused funds to township’s best advantage, with the approval of the Board of Supervisors. Monitors and manages the operation of various state or federal grant projects or programs by explaining program operations to participants expending funds in accordance with the grant contract, and maintaining records of project status and disposition of funds.                           

Purchases equipment and services assuring that major purchases are advertised, bid upon, and awarded in accordance with law.                                        

Pays bills and other obligations upon approval of supervisors, scheduling payments to the township’s advantage by observing due dates, discount periods, and maturity dates of invested funds.                             

Coordinates the engineering and zoning reviews of subdivision plans and land development plans. Provides recommendations to township planning commission and zoning hearing board when requested by the Board of Supervisors. Takes necessary action to carry out commission and board decisions.                                                                       

Meets with employees and employee representatives to resolve grievances and to negotiate terms of collective bargaining agreements    

Searches out and applies for other sources of funds such as grants, loans, credits, discounts etc., when appropriate.                                                     

Develops and implements administrative and operating procedures to meet township needs and carry out policies approved by the Board of Supervisors.                                                                                                                                       

Prepares the annual budget for review by the Board of Supervisors by summarizing past expenditures, estimating costs of future needs, computing expected revenues and organizing data into cohesive and budget -compliant reporting format.                                                                 

Maintains payroll and benefit records for all township employees.                                                                               

Periodically reconciles checking accounts, balances bookkeeping records, and assures the necessary vouchers, receipts, etc. are properly recorded and filed for audit purposes.                                                    

Prepares fiscal reports for supervisors periodically and upon request.           

Monitors insurance coverage to insure that policies are renewed, new equipment covered, risks are minimized and best rates are obtained.       

 Prepares various reports required by state and federal government   and by insurance carriers.                                                                                        

Maintains other records in accordance with a retention schedule of items such as advertising, bids, contracts, road repairs, official actions, incidents, complaints, and requests for action.                                                                           

As the appointed Right to Know Officer for the township, is responsible for enforcing the Open Records Law, maintain accurate and complete records of Right to Know requests, delegates and provides oversight to the Assistant Right to Know Officer                                    

Acts in the capacity of Assistant Treasurer to the Township Treasurer and is capable of being bonded to a pre-determined  by ordinance amount.                                                                                                                            

Performs other duties as assigned by supervisors.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Knowledge of the principles and practices of public administration.

Knowledge of fiscal policies and procedures applicable to municipal finance administration. Should be familiar with the Chart of Accounts, as required by the Auditor General’s office.

Knowledge of modern office practices and procedures.  Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite,  including Excel and Word, Quickbooks Accounting Software. Knowledge of Treeno software for township records database and digital retrieval is preferred. Knowledge of Munilogic software for permit and planning administration is helpful.  Knowledge of WordPress design and website maintenance is helpful. Knowledge of Nixle reporting service is helpful.

Attendance at committee meetings is required.  Provide information and guidance to committees, when requested.  Provide budget information and guidance to township authorized committees.

Ability to effectively motivate and direct the activities of other employees, explain and justify township problems and needs to supervisors, and deal conscientiously, fairly, and diplomatically with all public requests.

Ability to learn and apply numerous rules, regulations, and laws under which township operations must be conducted.

Ability to work effectively with township officials, other government officials, business associates and the public.

Ability to analyze municipal problems and needs and to recommend workable solutions.

Ability to develop and set up procedures and policies for the activities to be performed.

Ability to assemble, organize, and present status information from various source materials concerning the operation of township programs and procedures.

Ability to review information for compliance with specific administrative or procedural rules.

Ability to organize work in a manner which insures smooth processing and efficient, accomplishment of priority items.

Ability to communicate effectively, orally and in writing.

Minimum Education and Experience

A bachelor’s degree in public administration business administration or a related field and three years of experience in the administration of a business or a public agency, or any equivalent combination of education and experience. A Masters degree is preferred.

Mail your resume, cover letter, and references to:

Township Manager Search                  

Upper Mount Bethel Township

P.O. Box 520     

Mount Bethel, PA 18343