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Township Speed Displays

Weekly Updates on our Radar Speed Displays

Stone Church May 3o-June 5

Potomac Street, Southbound May 30 – June 5

Ridge Road, Eastbound May 30- June 5

2 thoughts on “Township Speed Displays

  1. Other than ridge road the people drivin’ through Upper Mt Bethel seem to be adhering to the posted speed limit.

    Maybe the limit on ridge rd needs to be re-evaluated and possibly adjusted or some other type of traffic control device could be used to make the drivers more aware of the change in speed limit.

    Better placed and better lit signs are an option but lookin’ at the data supplied seems like the majority of people do at least 30% or more of the posted limit. That’s tellin’ you somethin’.

  2. I would like to see one of these placed on Five Points Richmond Road when school reopens at the end of summer.
    Even though there are multiple 15mph signs along the route, I doubt that you would see much more than 20% compliance (including the school buses)

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