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Our Zoning Officer and Building Code Official is Tina Serfass.   

Tina is available in our office on Thursdays 12-4 pm 

She can be reached at Keller Zoning and Inspections-610/765-8227


Read/Download Upper Mount Bethel Township Zoning Ordinance   

Read UMBT Noise Ordinance doc02255620180315084304





Zoning Hearing Board Minutesdoc02205120180228153726


Zoning Hearing Board
Term expiration
Leo McDonald  Jan. – 2019
Susan Klaver Jan. –  2022
Ron Angle Jan.  – 2025
Jeff Manzi Jan.  – 2020
Scott Duddy Jan. – 2021
Mark Minotti, Zoning Hearing Board Solicitor  annual


A few words from the Zoning and Code Enforcement Office

Keller Zoning & Inspection Services, Inc. administers the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code (Building Code) for the Upper Mount Bethel Township. Please contact our office whenever you have any specific questions about the requirements for Building Permits. They can be reached at 610-759-8227 Monday thru Friday from 8:30am until 4:00pm and are located at 21 N Broad St., Nazareth, PA.

Tina has office hours at the UMBT on Thursdays from 12 – 4 p.m.


Do you know when you need a Zoning Permit?

  • A Zoning Permit is required whenever a new structure is being installed on a property or an addition to an existing structure (such as sheds, swimming pools, garages, dwelling units, fences and decks)
  • A Zoning permit is also required when a “Change of Use” occurs for a property (such as a change from residential to commercial and vice versa, or new business uses in an existing commercial space).


What will you need to get a Zoning Permit?

  • Complete an application form obtained from the Upper Mount Bethel Township.
  • Return completed application to the township along with a drawing or sketch depicting the property with lot lines, location and size of existing structures and the exact size and location of the proposed structure or addition to existing structure.


Examples of when you need a Building Permit:

  • Construction of dwelling units
  • Additions to existing dwelling units
  • Accessory detached structures which are 1000sq. ft. or larger in size
  • Deck which is 30 inches or more above grade
  • Electrical and Plumbing upgrades or additions
  • Swimming Pools with a water depth of 24 inches or greater
  • Any structural work in a dwelling unit
  • Any new commercial construction or renovations to existing commercial space.


Examples of when you do NOT need a Building Permit:

  • Installation of exterior siding
  • Residential Roof replacements provided no structural work is involved
  • Replacement windows and doors provided no structural work is involved
  • Painting
  • Ordinary repairs of Electrical and Plumbing systems
  • Cabinetry and countertops


What will you need to obtain a Building permit?

  • Obtain (from the township) and file a Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code Application.
  • Submit detailed drawings depicting the specifics of the proposed construction please refer to the Building Submittal checklist you will receive with the  application