Environmental Advisory Council (EAC)

PA State Law provides for the establishment of local Environmental Advisory Councils (EAC) in order to advocate for the protection and stewardship of the environment by advising local officials, commissions and boards as best fits the community’s objectives and goals. EACs work as a liaison between municipal officials and community volunteers.

Our UMBT EAC was established in the year 2000. Since then we have been instrumental in obtaining grants and implementation for the:

  • UMBT Environmental Resource Inventory
  • Recreation, Parks and Open Space Plan
  • Open Space Plan Amendment
  • Martins-Jacoby Watershed Plan
  • Township Ground Water Study
  • Well Ordinance Part I
  • Protecting Our Water Resources brochure

Projects include:

  • Educational speaker series
  • Osprey nest platform structures
  • Farmer inventory pamphlet
  • Annual participation at our State Representative’s Senior Fair
  • Educational water resources brochure
  • Cautionary markings on local road drains
  • Hiking trail on the UMBT Eastern Industries property

We meet the 1st Tuesday of the month, 7 P.M. at the Township Building.
Join us and make your views known.

Delaware River - Kittatinny Ridge

Delaware River – Kittatinny Ridge

UMBT EAC Mission

  • To protect and enhance open space and natural areas of our township
  • To educate our community of their role in protecting the environment so sound choices can be made for the present and future
  • To promote wise land use and natural resource management
  • To preserve our significant historic and cultural sites
Slateford Waterfall

Slateford Waterfall

Council Members

Larry Ott, Chair – term expires January 1, 2018
Lori Poliskiewicz, Co-Chair – 2017
Michelle Arner – 2017
Charles A. Cole – 2016

Farm, Forest and Ridge View

Farm, Forest and Ridge View

download our Water Resources Brochure

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