Live Stream Information

Audio-only Call-In Information:
Conference Call starts 5 minutes before the meeting

Phone Number: 1 (701) 802-5123
Access Code: 7431690

We will be live-streaming our meetings virtually due to the outbreak of Covid-19.

Our meetings will be live-streamed through the Upper Mount Bethel Township Facebook Page located at We will also be hosting an audio-only conference call so that anyone can listen in on the meeting. The conference call will not be used for public comments, it is being provided for those who may not be able to access the live stream video.

In terms of the meeting, the Agenda will be limited only to important/urgent matters and ones with tight deadlines at this time. Additionally, some items might be placed on the Agenda like meeting minutes, which do not require a lengthy involved discussion.

You can submit a public comment via email to or Public comments by email should specify which meeting they are for, be within a 500 word limit and may only be for comments on items on the meeting agenda. Public comment emails will be read during the meeting.

If the public wants to comment on something that happens during the meeting, the public will be given a phone number during the public comment period on which you may call in and comment over the phone with a three (3) minute time limit. You will have to state your name and address to speak during the second public comment period on the Agenda.

If you are not able to get through on the phone number for some reason (i.e. busy signal, call will not go through, etc.) you can email your comment (500 word limit to and your email comments will be read at the next meeting. All emailed Public Comments will be kept on file for Public Record.