Parks & Trails

Community Park
This is the undeveloped site for which this park master plan is written, located on Potomac Street north of Marshfield Drive. Consisting of approximately 90 acres, the tract was acquired in 2003 from Reliant Energy Mid-Atlantic. When developed, this park will replace existing recreational opportunities lost by the Township due to an expansion project at the power plant. The facilities lost by the Township include a ball field and picnic facilities. A boat launch was also lost to plant expansion.

T-Ball/Trail Site
The Upper Mount Bethel T-Ball/Trail Site is on an abandoned railroad right-of-way that is located between Totts Gap Road and East Shore Drive, just south of Minsi Lake County Park. A T-Ball field is located on a small parcel adjacent to the trail.

Upper Mount Bethel Playground
The Upper Mount Bethel Playground is located at the Five Points School Complex, between the Bangor Area Middle School and Five Points Elementary School. Owned by the Bangor Area School District, but leased by the Township, the park includes a ballfield and playground equipment.

Echo Lake (Johnsonville) Park Ballfield
Echo Lake (Johnsonville) Park Ballfield is located on Totts Gap Road approximately 3/4 of a mile north of Route 512. Consisting of 4.5 acres, the field is owned by the Echo Lake Homeowners Association and leased by the Township. This new park includes 2 softball fields, benches, roll-a-way bleachers, and gravel parking area.

Slate Belt Little League
The Slate Belt Little League is situated on 11 acres at the corner of Rt. 512 and Ye Olde Highway. The facilities at the Slate Belt Little League include three little league fields, one of which is lighted for night-time use, and a T-ball field. Other site amenities include bleachers, restrooms, and a combination snack stand/announcer’s booth.

Columcille Megalith Park
Columcille Megalith Park is located on Quaker Plain Road in the northern section of Upper Mount Bethel Township. Situated on 17.6 acres, Columcille Megalith Park is protected under a conservation easement with the Heritage Conservancy. The mission of Columcille Park is to provide an outdoor sanctuary for quiet meditation.

Kirkridge Retreat Center
Kirkridge Retreat Center is located on Fox Gap Road and includes approximately 125 acres of land along the Kittatinny Ridge and Appalachian Trail. The mission of Kirkridge has been to provide a place for rest and contemplation.

Appalachian Trail Lands
Appalachian Trail Lands are found along the Kittatinny Ridge and Appalachian Trail. Located along the border of Upper Mount Bethel Township and Monroe County, these lands serve to protect the scenic and aesthetic qualities of the Appalachian Trail from encroachment by undesirable uses. Approximately 245 acres of these State and Federally-owned lands are located within Upper Mount Bethel Township.